How to keep your laptop in tip-top form

Laptops are one of those necessities that are part of our daily lives especially if you are a student. It really does made our life simpler; from studying, researching, cooking, social engaging and many more. But, do we know how long a certain laptop last? It maybe longer than you think as long as you know how to properly care about it. With that, here is an infographic on how you can make your laptop stays on its tip-top form. Continue reading


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Interest in tablet PCmicrosoft surface pro 3 review 1s has been on the wane, with even bigwigs like Apple hit: it now makes more money from its Macs than it does iPads. So it’s perhaps not the best time for Microsoft to be launching its third price conscious Surface tablet, and the official successor to the Surface RT and Surface 2. If any tablet is going to buck that downward trend, however, the Surface 3 might just be the one, thanks largely to its more flexible and productivity-focused design. Continue reading

DELL XPS 13 Review

In paper the Dell XPS 13 is a very similar critter to the Asus ZenBook. It’s a very similar size, adopting the 13.3 inch ultraportable format to go head to head with Apple’s new MacBook. Packing what appears to be comparable hardware to the ZenBook, it’s only $100 more expensive. However, after spending quality time with the XPS 13, we have to say that it’s definitely the better of the two. For starters, the XPS 13 has more of a premium feel and finish to it, bringing it more in line with the superb build quality of the MacBook. The fact that the display stretches all the way to the edges makes a huge aesthetic difference, foregoing the unattractive border found on the ZenBook. The polished aluminum also feels a little sturdier than the ZenBook UX305, though some may dislike the rubberized finish around the keyboard. Make no mistake, this is an ultraportable device, tipping the scales at just 1.18kg. It’s slightly deeper than the competition, measuring 20mm at its thickest point, which definitely feels chunkier than the ZenBook and MacBook. However, this extra girth has allowed Dell to cram in some of the fastest components around, but more about that in a moment.

DELL XPS 13 Continue reading

Toshiba Satellite P50w Review

Toshiba’s Satellite P50W is aimed at those who want a full-sized, 15.6 inch laptop, but who don’t want to pay a full-sized price for the privilege. At just $1599 it’s substantially cheaper than many competing laptops in this size range, but Toshiba has had to make several compromises to get the price down so low, mostly regarding the internal components. Continue reading