500K Laptop Power Cords recalled for being Fire Hazard

Lenovo is recalling more than half a million laptop power cords in the US ( 500,000) and Canada (44,000). The product being recalled is the LS-15 AC power cord, which Lenovo apparently received more than a dozen incident reports of sparking, overheating and burning which originated outside of…



Sturdy, Reliable and Great Value Laptops

4 Best DELL Inspiron Laptops
DELL has been long known for making a sturdy, great performance and budget friendly laptops and the DELL Inspiron series are a great example for such features. This series of laptops which targets average-income consumer are the most preferred laptops by young…


Slim Laptops: Portable and Practical

2014’s Best Slim Laptops
Laptops are becoming more innovative and diverse every year. Due to the huge selection of laptops that comes in various designs, prices and sizes, choosing which one to buy is kind of a hard choice. Spending a big amount of money to get an impressive, slim and…


ASUS Chromebook C200: Budget Laptop with 11 hours Battery Life

ASUS Chromebook C200 Review
At first glance, the ASUS Chromebook C200 may not seem very different from the manufacturer’s other budget laptops, except that it runs Chrome OS not windows 8. But what really sets this apart is its quality. Basically, ASUS has made the best Chromebook yet by getting …